Gilberts Group offers a full suite of engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and construction management services for power projects across Canada, including power generation, transmission lines, substations, and distribution facilities. We currently provide site-wide power distribution services for large oil, gas and chemicals facilities, as well as project and construction management services for several large Alberta transmission projects. Our experience extends to power generation facilities such as gas turbines, steam turbines and heat recovery steam generator technologies. Gilberts Group has executed a host of end-to-end co-generation projects across Canada and has knowledge and expertise with a wide range of turbine and steam generator packages.

Gilberts Group’s experience and capabilities are backed by our parent company Bechtel, which has been a global leader in the power sector for more than half a century.

Gilberts Group’s scalable EPC solutions are proven on power projects of varying sizes and complexities. Our processes and systems have resulted in successful management of complex power distribution and generation projects at new and existing industrial facilities. These systems have provided unmatched value for synchronized deployment of resources to geographically dispersed locations, as required for successful execution of large transmission projects. Our supporting procurement, warehousing, marshalling and tracking processes allow for effective equipment delivery materials management on any project in the power sector.

Serving customers in the Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Mining & Metals, and Power industries, our engineering team delivers solutions from conceptual development and front-end work to detailed engineering and site support for industrial projects of varying size and complexity.