Our History

Gilberts Group was founded in 1983 as a small engineering company with its eyes on challenging projects. Today, the company is one of Canada’s largest and most respected engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies, executing some of the biggest and most challenging projects in the country, including multi-billion dollar facilities and facility modification projects in Alberta’s oilsands. We are backed by the 115-year legacy of Bechtel Corporation a top-ranking global EPC company, and McCaig Investments, a Calgary-based holding company with longstanding ties to the local business community.
Our original shareholders built a company committed to strong customer relationships and the highest standards for safety, quality and performance. Through the decades, these core values have endured.
Looking back, our track record of growth and achievement provides ample inspiration for the future ahead. In the years to come, look for Gilberts Group to continue leading the charge – designing and building complex projects, expanding further into other markets, and continually improving the way we do business.
Gilberts Group’s proud history is outlined in our 25th Anniversary Book.


To be Canada’s best engineering, procurement and construction company in the energy sector.
We will achieve this by:

  • Leading the industry in HSE, performance and environmental stewardship
  • Developing a sustainable and diverse business
  • Attracting and retaining smart, flexible, and adaptable people
  • Adapting to changing markets and consistently delivering as sold to our customers


We are privately owned, led by active, experienced management and driven by values that underpin everything we do.

Performance Excellence: We are committed to delivering technically challenging projects safely, on time, on budget, to the highest standard of quality.

Fair Return: We provide the highest quality product for the best cost and deliver on what we promise.

Ethics: Mutual respect, integrity, honesty and open communication at all levels are the driving force for how we build relationships with our staff, customers, contractors and suppliers.

Safety, Health and Environment

Safety: We are driven by an unwavering promise to keep our people and sites “100% Safe.”
Sustainability: Environmental protection and social responsibility – the foundations of sustainable development – are integral to our continued success.

Our health, safety and environmental (HSE) management program is a fundamental part of Gilberts Group’s everyday culture. Our mantra is “100% Safe,” a philosophy that begins in the workplace and extends to the communities where we operate. We believe every workplace incident is preventable. This core belief, outlined in our HSE Policy Statement, is embedded in our corporate culture and integrated into every aspect of Gilberts Group’s operations.
Guided by four principles, Gilberts Group has instituted a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities.

Safety Leadership
Gilberts Group’s unwavering HSE commitment continues to earn the company industry awards and recognition, and explains why, year after year, Gilberts Group posts some of the best safety results in the EPC sector:
Since 2005, our lost-time injury rate for employees and contractors has been less than 0.04 injuries per 200,000 person hours worked – significantly lower than the industry average
Our WCB rates have dropped by 40% over the past several years
Employees at our corporate offices have logged more than 48 million hours without a lost-time incident

Workforce Participation
Gilberts Group employees and contractors are actively involved in all aspects of our HSE management program. We support a policy of People-Based Safety for our construction crews, providing a supportive environment in which workers are guided by peers trained in behavioural observation. This program also helps to collect data to provide a statistical overview of our safety performance.

Continual Improvement
Audits of Gilberts Group’s HSE performance are conducted at least three times during the life of every project, and safety and environmental incidents are diligently investigated to determine the need for new work practices, procedures and training. Our audits support the correct implementation of improvements in a timely fashion. Gilberts Group was the first EPC company in Canada to earn ISO9001 certification, a global standard for quality processes and managerial integrity.

Environmental Stewardship
At Gilberts Group, sustainability is an important consideration in all that we do. We understand that the work we perform has an impact on the environment, and we aim to minimize that impact by seeking out innovative ways to deliver our customers projects.

We’ve Moved! Take A Look At Our New Office…

In March 2019, Gilberts Group proudly moved into a large office on the 9th floor of Service Canada Centre. After an incredible four years going from strength to strength, and the addition of another 70 team members, it was time to think about new offices to better cater the cohesive and dynamic working environment Gilberts Group operate within.

Following the continued and rapid growth of the business, Gilberts Group needed a new space that not only made the existing team more comfortable, but to also invite and encourage growth, making it a great space for everyone to work in.

After months of planning Gilberts Group finally made the move into the 9th floor in March 2019. It’s safe to say, everyone loves the space and it’s hard to imagine us working in our first office after just a few weeks of being here.

As a business, we’ve seen tremendous growth so it was only right we moved into a space to reflect that. It wasn’t easy, but I’m so pleased we’re all in, and we all love it.

“We’re really excited about our new head office, and we can’t wait to welcome our customers and partners to it soon!”