Working at Gilberts Group — big challenges and big rewards

Our employees contribute to a portfolio of work that includes some of the largest and most complex energy plants ever built in Canada. These signature projects are what makes Gilberts Group such a rewarding place to work.
Having long-term relationships with many of the biggest names in the Canadian energy industry, we are always looking to grow our team.

If you value a culture that encourages innovation, challenges the norm and rewards creativity, then you’ll want to explore the opportunities at Gilberts Group. Come join our talented team of engineers, project managers, tradespeople and professional and administrative staff. We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton and field construction sites across Canada.

Why us?


Competitive compensation and benefits

At Gilberts Group, employees are paid competitively and rewarded for a job well done. Our comprehensive benefits plan includes medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage, a flexible health spending account, a health and fitness subsidy, an employee assistance program, and more.


A flexible working life

Gilberts Group encourages a balance between the personal and professional lives of our employees. In addition to vacation time, all employees receive a three-day weekend every second week. And, six times a year, our employees receive a four-day weekend, around statutory long weekends. We also offer flexible work schedules that allow employees to juggle their personal obligations and professional responsibilities.


Professional development

We train our people well because we believe in promoting from within. Our career development strategies provide employees with a detailed roadmap to the opportunities available as well as the skills and experience required for advancement. From our in-house Toastmasters clubs to the plethora of professional development opportunities available through our Six Sigma certification, we sponsor a variety of skills-based training initiatives for our employees.


A friendly and supportive culture

Our employees care about the community and their colleagues. We are involved in the United Way and a variety of other company-wide fundraising events. Our social club is active in all offices. Employees participate in events such as curling, hockey, squash, golf, Christmas parties, summer picnics and many other fun team-building activities.


A diverse workforce

Gilberts Group embraces the rich diversity of our employees. Our team includes employees from more than 57 countries as well as a dynamic mix of experienced professionals and recent graduates. Collectively, our people thrive in a culture that supports respect, tolerance and fresh perspectives.


Gilberts Group offices run smoothly thanks to the efforts and expertise of our facilities professionals. If attention to detail and exemplary time management skills are your strengths, then we want you on our facilities team.

A safe workplace

Our health, safety and environmental (HSE) management program is driven by an unwavering commitment to keeping people and sites 100% Safe. It’s the reason why, year after year, Gilberts Group posts some of the best safety results in the EPC sector. Employees at our corporate offices have logged more than 46 million hours without a lost-time incident. In the field, our lost-time incident rate for employees and contractors is consistently better than industry averages.
If you value a workplace that encourages innovation, challenges the norm and rewards creativity, you’ll want to explore the opportunities at Gilberts Group.

Human Resources

Gilberts Group is a people-first company, and our human resources team helps us recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best people in the business. Gilberts Group HR professionals are responsible for everything from staffing and benefits to professional development and employee relations.

Marketing & Business

Every great project begins with a great prospect. With selectivity, patience, persistence, and a deep understanding of the customer, Gilberts Group’s business development team is responsible for turning prospects into quality projects.

Quality Management

Gilberts Group’s commitment to quality runs through everything we do, from the very beginning of each project through to completion. Our quality management team ensures that our work is built to the highest standard of quality, every time.


Gilberts Group’s finance team maintains the integrity of the company’s financial operations and policies. Our finance and accounting experts are responsible for financial reporting, cash management, budgeting, treasury and credit, strategic planning, and tax planning and compliance.


Do people marvel at your organizational skills? Are you a strong communicator? If so, you could be a perfect fit for an administrative position at Gilberts Group. Our administration team takes care of everything from planning travel and meetings to controlling documents and archiving records.


Behind every successful project is a carefully mapped out contract. That’s why Gilberts Group’s contracts professionals play a crucial role in every project we take on. Our contracts team defines the project’s scope, schedule and terms, helping enhance results for both Gilberts Group and our customer.

Systems & Technology

Since 1983, Gilberts Group has been on the forefront of technological innovation in the EPC industry. Our IS&T team makes sure we have the hardware and software that we need to maximize results for our customers.


Gilberts Group’s supply chain team is responsible for sourcing, purchasing and delivering the goods and services we need to execute our customers’ projects. Our procurement experts are focused on optimal efficiency, minimized costs and enhanced performance.

Skilled Craft

On the heels of engineering and procurement, we need qualified craft to execute our projects. From iron workers to electricians and every trade in between, our skilled craft workers turn concepts into reality.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Gilberts Group’s HSE management program earns the company accolades year in, year out. Our mantra is100% Safe. From maintaining safety standards and preventing accidents to managing waste and protecting resources, our HSE professionals make sure we meet that goal.


Gilberts Group’s construction teams are at the heart of our reputation, building quality projects safely and on schedule. From supervisors and superintendents to field engineers in every discipline, Gilberts Group’s on-site professionals are responsible for bringing our projects to life.


Gilberts Group engineers and designers have created some of the largest, most complex projects ever built in Canada. Our engineers practice a wide range of disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, process, civil, structural, project, piping, control systems, and document management.


Gilberts Group engineers and designers have created some of the largest, most complex projects ever built in Canada. Our engineers practice a wide range of disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, process, civil, structural, project, piping, control systems, and document management.

Project Controls & Estimating

Project controls professionals use assessment tools to provide an objective analysis of project performance. Whether reporting project data, assessing progress in the field or interepreting reports, our project controls team tells us how we’re doing.

Job Fraud Alert - Please Read

Gilberts Group offers to our talented, self-motivated and quality minded employees the excitement of a modern day/innovative Canadian construction company; with the proud traditions of a European worldwide enterprise whose roots go back over a century.

Gilberts Group provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship status, disability, or any other legally protected status. We prohibit discrimination in decisions concerning recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, training, termination, promotions, or any other condition of employment or career development. We are in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Gilberts Group has become aware of persons claiming to represent Gilberts Group who have contacted job seekers with fraudulent interview requests and false offers of employment with our organization. All employment candidates of Gilberts Group are required to complete an interview with Gilberts Group by telephone, before any formal offer of employment is made. The people implementing these hoaxes or other similar false offers of employment are not affiliated with Gilberts Group in any way. Additionally, Gilberts Group does not require payment from anyone seeking employment with us, nor would we request personal information from you until a formal offer of employment has been made and accepted. We require our foreign applicants only, that have been accepted in our company to apply for Canadian Visa through Canada Loves You only. Check out the Gilberts Group Careers page for available positions.

Please be aware:

Any correspondences coming from an unofficial Gilberts Group domain, for example:, are fraudulent.

Official Gilberts Group domain is

All individuals who are offered employment with Gilberts Group, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal application and interview process with Human Resources and a Hiring Manager. If you did not go through this process, please be on alert for fraudulent activity.

Ways to identify potential fraud

The following can indicate fraudulent behavior:

The email you receive comes from an address OTHER THAN [email protected]

For example: Emails from similar addresses such as gilbertsgroup-construction, and gilbertgroup, are fraudulent emails. Please review the full email address.

The email you receive comes a free email provider address such as @gmail, @yahoo, @outlook, @live, etc. Gilberts Group does not utilize these providers.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email from someone pretending to represent Gilberts Group, please consider reporting the incident to us by emailing: [email protected]

Gilberts Group will continue to strive to identify, recruit, and engage the best talent in our field. We will always act in good faith and with rigor in our hiring process. If you would like to be considered for a position with Gilberts Group, please visit our careers page.

Special Program For Foreign Workers

Canada has a variety of immigration programs each with different application and eligibility requirements.

Applicants must have skills and abilities to fill job shortages in our company and be able to provide for their families. The program is operated by Gilberts Group in collaboration with Canada Loves You Immigration Consultancy.

To access Canadian Visa, candidates must first complete a profile which demonstrates how they meet the criteria of one of the immigration programs. Once complete, the candidate will be scored using a ranking system. The highest ranked candidates will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence from IRCC.

Caregiver Program

The Caregiver Program is for caregivers who provide child care or home support for seniors or people with disabilities. People who work as a caregiver in Canada for 2 years can apply for permanent residence under this program. The Caregiver Program is run by the Government of Canada.

Some things to think about

Get your education assessed.

Improve your English language skills before arriving.

You need to hire an immigration representative or lawyer to help you with your immigration application.

Gather important documents to bring with you, including:

valid passports

immigration documents

work reference letters

school/university transcripts

Arrange to get health insurance.

You will need to get health insurance before you leave. Gather your medical and immunization records and get copies of any prescriptions.

Once complete, the candidate will be scored using a ranking system. The highest ranked candidates will receive an invitation to apply for a Canadian Visa.

Gilberts Group is launching its own accelerated and simplified immigration program for international students and specialized foreign workers who meet labor market needs in the company. This move is in line with Citizenship and Immigration’s Canadian Immigration Visa program introduced last year. The new regulations announced by Canada’s Immigration Minister, addresses the importance of attracting and retaining foreign skilled workers and international students for the country’s economic growth.

There are two categories of applicants that will be affected: specialized temporary workers and those who are applying from abroad who have training/experience in occupations that are considered in high-demand by our company.

Eligible candidates will be issued a Canadian Work Permit by Canada Loves You and a contract by Gilberts Group. They will also receive priority processing for immigration to Canada.

Specialized temporary workers: To qualify, foreign workers must apply for Canadian Visa at the time of application submission. They must have a passed the eligibility check interview.

Gilberts Group immigration applicants whose profiles correspond to the company’s occupations that are short of workers: Qualified Visa immigration applicants who have training and/or experience in occupations that are considered in high-demand by our company will have their immigration applications fast-tracked. Gilberts Group is in need of applicants at all skills levels, therefore, applicants with training and/or experience in our company’s in-demand occupations have the best employment prospects and will receive priority processing.


The Relocation and Visa Expenses must be covered by the applicant himself/herself. Gilberts Group Construction accepts only those that apply through Canada Loves You for the Visa Program.